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Offshore oil fields are deemed to be more challenging to apply EOR technology compared to onshore oil fields. Due to its limitation on platform spaces, weight and operation, a successful EOR method might not be applicable to offshore fields. Polymer flooding has a huge potential for offshore water flooded fields when the existing challenges are overcoming.

Challenges faced by offshore polymer flooding:
* Real estate and weight Limitation
* Limited water sources and waste water treatment facilities
* Large well spacing

ZL’s solution to offshore polymer flooding challenges:
Chemical:ZL's offshore Microblock fast dissolution Ter-polymer
ZL's Microblock Ter-polymer enables dry polymer to be fully dissolved in sea water or higher saline injection water within very short period of time,to elininate mixing and maturation tanks on the platform.

* Fast dissolution dry polymer technology incorporated with micro block template terpolymer, enables full dissolution of polymer in pipeline without mixing and maturation tanks.
* High salinity and temperature resistance characteristics, use sea water or produced water for polymer preparation and injection, stable polymer causes less produced water emulsion breaking issues.
* Good long term stability in situ, provides better sweep efficiency thus higher oil recovery.

CPDU®Compact Polymer Dispersion Unit.

CPDU® is designed for offshore polymer flooding,with direct injection polymer technology.
* No mixing nor maturation tank required. Compact design.
* Uniformly feeding of polymer powders;
* Ensure the complete mixing of polymer with water, no fish eyes, clogs or precipitates;
* No chemical nor mechanical degradation during dispersion;
* Nitrogen blanked with PLC control.

Net CPDU weight range from 3.2 Tons to 5.6 Tons

Comparison of Dry HPAM, Emulsion and ZL’s innovative offshore polymer products:


Offshore Oil
Production Limitations Specific Challenges to
Offshore Polymer Flooding Desired Polymers
Characteristics Comparison of
Emulsion Existing
Dry Solution
Limited space on the
platform for storage,
preparation and feeding
of products
Mixing and injection Facilities
can be complex and require
real-estate and procisions for
excess weight.
The right polymer should have fast
dissolution speeds,and the ability to be
dispersed directly into pipelines where they
will be fuly hydrated prior to entering the reservoir
Transportation to site and
storage silos at sea are costly
and difficult to manage
The resulting effective viscosity should be
as high as possible to minimize dosage.In
doing so,less product will need to be shipped
and stored at site.Having a high solid content
will help to minimize the polymer quality required
Accessibility to equipment
and human resouroes on the
platform are limited
The ability to ship high active solids products in
bulk quantities reduces shipment frequencies,
waste and labour
Water sources for
chemical preparation
are limited and recycled
or treated produced
water is expensive and
requires real-estate
Only sea water or produced
water is available for polymer
preparation and injection
Salinity and temperature resistance products that
will maintain their viscosity and linear structure in
high salinity water will reduce the need for produced
water treatment or Emulsion breaking
Large well spacing
Challenging for polymer to
maintain viscosity for long
periods of time to maximize
sweep efficiency and
Ultimately displacement
Products that provide long term insitu
stability(viscosity) will ensure maximum
sweep Efficiency  and overall cost
effectiveness per barrel of oil produced

Please contact one of our Reservoir engineer for more information on chemical and facility solutions for offshore polymer flooding project.
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