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ZL EOR CHEMICALS LTD with its parent company Henan Zhengjia Green Energy Co.,Ltd. (ZJ), which is a technological leader in polyacrylamide (“PAM”) manufacturing, sales and technical services for the expanding enhanced oil recovery and wastewater treatment industries. Established in 1995, our company is located in the city of Zhengzhou, Henan province, China. Duo to our strong focus on Research and Development (R&D), ZJ has become the largest PAM producer in Central Western China and one of the largest non-state-owned producers nationwide. Our company is committed to supporting our continued growth and the growth of our customers.


Henan Zhengjia Green Energy Co.,Ltd is a nationally recognized high-tech company that provides high- quality products and competitive pricing. Over the past two decades, we have focused our efforts on improving our products through R&D and have won numerous awards as a result. We have always been prudent with respect to our business expansion over the years. We are well entrenched in the large and expanding enhanced oil recovery industry globally. In addition, we have established a strong reputation in the industrial wastewater treatment market.

Our Mission is to construct an environmentally friendly and energy efficient society.
We pursue perfection and create outstanding achievements with hard work and sincerity.
We believe through our efforts and good faith, we will be the leading provider for CEOR and will be able to grow with our customers.

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